Welcome to Perfect Engagement Rings
From Concept to Creation, our diamond wedding rings and engagement rings are of the highest quality. Find your perfect engagement ring and matching wedding band here. From an idea to the final precious piece, we can help you realize your Perfect Engagement Ring! We use state of the Art technology to create exactly what YOU want, approved and confirmed by you at every step. Our jewelry experts work with you from concept to finished piece to ensure your custom jewelry is entirely unique.

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1. The magic begins with a sketch or an Idea inspired by your taste and preferences. Upload to Us a Picture or drawing here.
2. A 3D rendering of your Perfect Engagement Ring is made. At this stage price, material, and finish can be discussed and adjusted.
3. A 3D Wax Model of your Perfect Engagement Ring will then be Printed.
4. Your model will then be casted into the metal you desire.
5. Diamonds are hand sorted, set, and finished.
6. Your Perfect Engagement Ring is all yours.

Feel free to send in your CAD files. Our CAD department accepts STL, 3DM, JCD, and VTF files, for printing. All documents will be reviewed to insure files are printable.

What we offer?

  • Casting jewelry within 24 hours
  • Finished jewelry in 3-5 business days with any metal & any quality of diamonds
  • Designing new models 7-10 business days from sketch to finish.
  • Existing ring with customization in 3-5 business days.
  • The most comprehensive bridal jewelry line.
  • 24/7 updated pricing and ordering online.